Equations of Mathematical Physics Note

Equations of Mathematical Physics is another subject about using mathematical methods to solve or approach various functions include PDE or ODE, just like the Numerical Analysis. Actually, most of the methods in this subject are included in Numerical Analysis. But this subject focuses on the applications of these methods rather the theories. The textbook lists several examples in physics fields and tries to use these methods to deal with these problems or solve these equations, such as the wave equations,  heat equations, and poisson equations in different dimensions (mainly 1, 2 and 3). During this time, we would like to discuss the influences brought by various boundary conditions, such as the Dirichlet boundary condition, the Neumann boundary condition, and the Robin boundary condition.

In conclusion, we would like to discuss three types of equation in three types of boundary condition and learn some basic process methods about equations.

This note is mainly about the steps in detail of some core methods in Equations of Mathematical Physics. It would be useful if you want to master how to use these methods. Of course, you would better understand the theories behind these methods first and then remember them.

So, here it is.



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