Experience does for the soul, education does for the mind.


        Hello, here is Kurakun (Chuanbo HUA).


        I am now an undergraduate student, majoring in Information & Computing Science (HIT) and Computer Science & Engineering (POSTECH). I enjoy both mathematics and computer science and have worked in Computer Network Technology Lab (supervised by Professor. Bailing WANG) and HUAWEI (Algorithm Engineer Intern)


        I also enjoy traveling, photography, drawing, badminton, science fictions and even music games. I lead an ordinary college life with many good friends. I also left someone with regrets. I tried everything I interested in with failures. I planed my future with some confusions. And, everything here is stories.


        This site was built in 2018. The reason of building this site can not be recalled by me, but I can only remember that at that time I was curious about various things and keened on sharing everything with others, a book, a game, a story, a piece of music… I always eager others’ evaluations as my personal value at that time. So, this site is the fruit of excessive energy and thought of being approved.


        But it does not matter I insisted it a year and a half, until today. During this time, there were various things happened, happy or sad. The site was rebuilt two times, from a small homepage in GitHub to a personal blog running in my personal ECS. And it will continuously grow and glow. Thanks for your companionship so far and to be continued.


        @ Kurakun 2019/09/15