Experience does for the soul, education does for the mind.

Hello, here is Chuanbo HUA.

I am now a first-year master’s student in KAIST, majoring in Industry and System Engineering, interested in Graph Neural Network.

I got my bachelor’s degree in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), majoring in Mathematics, and exchanged at Pohang Science and Technology University (POSTECH), majoring in Computer Science, working on Data Mining.

I enjoy both mathematics and data science and have worked in HIT Computer Network Technology Lab and HUAWEI Nanjing Research Center (Algorithm Engineer Intern).

I also enjoy traveling, photography, drawing, badminton, science fiction and music games. I tried everything I interested in with successes or failures; I planned my future with some confusion. And, everything here is a story.

This site was built in 2018. The reason for building this site can not be recalled by me, but I can only remember that at that time I was curious about various things and keened on sharing everything with others, a book, a game, a story, a piece of music… I always believe other’s evaluations equal my personal value at that time. So, this site is the result of excessive energy and thought.

But it does not matter I have insisted it three years, until today. During this time, there were massive things happened, happy or sad. The site was rebuilt four times, from a small homepage in GitHub to a personal blog running in my personal ECS. And it will continuously grow and glow. Thanks for your companionship so far and to be continued.

If you have interests, you may contact with me by email.

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Hi, 这里是 Chuanbo.


本站创建于 2018 年春,与大多数个人网站创建的契机一样,受到其他人网站的启发,就做了自己的网站。






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